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Our clients know that for any rigging need Industrial Machinery Movers, Inc. is top quality service you can trust.
So call us we are ready to do the same for you.


Here are some of our satisfied clients:

• Baxter

• Alcan Packaging

• Nypro P.R.

• Philips Medical Systems

• Tech Group

• General Electric

• Cadillac Uniforms

• Railquip, Inc. ( Tren Urbano )


" On behalf of Railquip, Inc. I would like to thank you and your men for a job  well done last week on the movement from port, rigging, unloading and placing into storage the nine truckloads of equipment shipped from Joyce Dayton in Ohio.

I was very impressed with the level of attention to detail, the safety consciousness and care in handling the equipment that the crew exhibited. Your people impressed me as men who know their jobs well and enjoy doing them right.

Looking forward to working with you and your men again on our future rigging needs. "

E. Paul Wojcik

Railquip, Inc.

Industrial Machinery Movers, Inc.